(we)ave Community Centers

Futures II 

2 weeks | Fall 2020 

UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit


Assume that in 2045 all the UN sustainability goals have become a reality. What artifacts, scenarios, and organizations would exist in this future and how would they manifest at a Sustainable Development showcase? 



When developing (we)ave, we were working specifically with UN goal 12, ensuring responsible consumption and production patterns. (We)ave is an organization with multiple community centers globally located. Each community center is dedicated to growing, producing, and selling plant based biodegradable clothing and accessories. 


Futures Thinking, Systems Thinking, Illustration, & Animation


Andrea Benatar 


With this project, we are operating under the assumption that by 2045 the world has started to move past mass-manufacturing, and in turn the fast fashion industry will be obsolete. 


When developing this concept, we specifically drew inspiration from eastern countries and places that have valued localized manufacturing and craftspeople throughout the industrial era. So (We)ave aims to bring back localized manufacturing and its benefits to countries that are now redefining their production behavior in this new era of manufacturing. 

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