Environments Studio 2:  Design for Interactions

2 Weeks | Spring 2020 


Design an experience that disturbs our preconceptions of scale


For this project, I looked at scale in terms of scales of influence, specifically how individual people's seemingly small actions can scale upwards in terms of their effects on society as a whole. 

Through this book, I want people to see the importance of craftspeople on different scales, as it’s more than just an individual and their actions, it’s individuals that are creating a larger system with greater implications. This book works to start as a conversation point about why the sustainment of these industries is important.


Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects 

Scales of Influence

The book tells the stories of hand-weavers in India. It is a window into the lives of these women, as well as show the different scales at which this industry holds influence. 

The book visually shows the changing scales in the way that it unfolds. With each progressive scale shift, the image itself enlarges to show the changing scales through a physical motif as well.