Systems Thinking

A Guidebook for Student Activists

Fall 2020

User & Secondary Research, Systems Thinking, UI/UX Design

An independent study centered on easing the process of creating systemic change within a university for students

Voicing Nonbinary Student Issues

Spring 2020

User & Secondary Research, Systems Thinking, UI/UX Design

A 2 part independent study addressing how to improve the nonbinary student experience @ CMU

(We)ave Community Centers

Fall 2020

Systems Thinking, Futures Thinking, Illustration, Animation

Community centers for growing, producing, and selling plant-based clothing made by the community for the community

Mapping Opioid Addiction

Spring 2019

Systems Thinking, Secondary Research

A mapped out system of the wicked problem of opioid addiction in Western Pennsylvania

Reclaiming Indian Beauty

Fall 2020

Research Paper

A research paper exploring the long term effects of colonialism on Indian women in terms of beauty standards