MR School of Design Tour

Environments Studio 1:  Understanding Form and Context

3 Weeks | Fall 2019 


Redesign the CMU School of Design tour, 10 years in the future, when the use of technologies such as the Microsoft Holo Lens is ubiquitous. 


Through the use of MR, my primary purpose with this project is to enhance the user's experience with this technology. The MR element of the tour will allow students to put themselves into the shoes of a School of Design first year through rather than the students hearing second hand about the first year experiences. 

I have included parts of my process here, but my full detailed process is outlined here


Oculus Quest (Gravity Sketch, TiltBrush),  Microsoft Hololens, Adobe Aftereffects

Understanding the Users

The first step I took in redesigning the tours was understanding the users by making personas of the people that come to these tours. I made four personas, two individual students and 1 parent and student pair.

The Process

When working on this project, I wanted to ensure that the the MR element of the tour would be actually helpful, not just integrating technology into the space for the sake of it. 

The freshman year project that I want to highlight is the Trash animal project, in which we collected used containers of plastic and found forms in them that related to the endangered animal that we were studying. We then recreated that animal using the trash pieces. I wanted to focus on this project because the emphasis on seeing forms could be highlighted through the lens.


Through sketches and storyboarding, I worked through the whole tour, from when the guests receive their holo lens, to the specific interactions they would have with the items on the tour.  


The tour begins in the design office as it does now, with one tour guide present on the tour. The group will head to the freshman studio where they will receive their holo lens. Then the tour will divide into groups each working on a separate project based on the tracks. The groups will work together to finish the project. 

Final Concept Video