CMU Saans

CMU Design & PR Chair 

Fall 2019 - Present

The Logo


With this project, I took on the task of re-branding my a cappella group on campus, CMU Saans. Saans is an all-female South- Asian fusion a cappella group, that I became involved with in my freshman year. I mainly wanted to work with creating a recognizable brand by establishing a color palette, redesigning the logo, and creating team merchandise. 

An element that was predetermined with the Saans brand is the lotus flower. Therefore this element was the piece that I had as my starting point for all the design decisions that I was to make. 


Adobe Illustrator, Branding, Social Media Management

With the logo, I wanted to create a recognizable look, one that was more modern and clean. The original logo, was quite cluttered and it was hard to focus in on anything in particular. So with the redesign, I wanted to keep the lotuses as an element but bring focus to the S and the team name more so than the lotus. 

Saans original logo.jpg
Saans Post.jpg

Establishing a Color Palette 

When creating a cohesive look for Saans, I created a distinct color scheme that I could use for all the elements that I was to design afterwards. Sticking with the lotus theme, I decided to work with a pink and green color scheme. 

Creating Recruitment Content 

Once I had established my color scheme, I started working on creating promotional material for the team in order to recruit new members for the upcoming competition season. Below is the beginning of the recruitment video I made for the team. 

Team Merchandise

Additionally, I created team merchandise with a new graphic style, with lotus and leaf patterns I made on Illustrator. I will continue to use these base illustrations in other designs that I will continue to make for Saans.