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Experience Design

Mindfulness Park

Environments Studio II:  Designing for Interactions

7 Weeks | Spring 2020


Design an experience that changes overtime.

Mindfulness is the practice by which a person becomes more aware of their present moment in order to become more in touch with their thoughts and emotions. However, it is a hard practice to incorporate into our lifestyles. 

So this park is a space that incorporates mindfulness practices into different stations.  While this space creates specific activities and exercises for teaching mindfulness, the hope is that people will be able to take these techniques and apply them to their own lives, and in turn, change their relationships with themselves and mindfulness as a practice. 


My full process is detailed here

  • Procreate 

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Laser Cutting

  • Physical Prototyping

  • Interaction Design

  • Illustration

  • Research

  • Individual

The Outcome

The park has 3 stations and is a completely immersive experience. The user starts at the base of the stairs, going up to the first station, then working their way down through the park. Once finishing the last station, they "re-enter" the world again. 

Overview of the Park
Top View of SpacePrestn.png

Station 1: Hearing

The first station the user enters is the hearing station, Nature's Surround Sound. This station prompts the user to listen to the space around them. The goal with this station is to have the user actively listen to sounds that we tend to ignore.


Station 2: Feeling

The station itself is composed of different materials: sand, stone, tile, and grass. The user is encouraged to take off their shoes and really feel the ground. These materials also extend up into walls, to create both privacy and allow to user to be immersed in the different spaces of texture. 


Station 3: Breathing 

The final station is the breathing station, which encourages the user to focus in on themselves through their breathing. The station has 3 ponds with different breathing exercises on a board next to it. 


Change Overtime

The park is meant to be a space that the user visits frequently. Overtime the user will  become more comfortable with the idea of mindfulness, tracking their own journey and progress through these reflection pages. 

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