Digital Environments

Meet & Eat App


Fall 2020

Wireframing, UI/UX Design, Digital Prototyping

A continuation of the Physical Meet & Eat Experience on the Yelp app

Sustainable Fashion Campaign

Spring 2020

User & Secondary Research, UI/UX Design

An online campaign promoting sustainability in  fashion consumption behaviors

India's Hand-Weavers

Spring 2020

Secondary Research, Illustration

An interactive handbook that demonstrates the importance of sustaining cottage industries at different scales

Typeface Analysis

Fall 2019

Typography, Poster Design, Animation

An in-depth analysis of the typeface, Miller, to understand is characteristics and use. 

Words & Pictures

Fall 2019

Typography, Illustration

A poster that is intended to appeal to the given audience of parents and children for the Pittsburgh Art & Lecture series

Creative Coding

Fall 2019

Javascript: p5js

A collection of interactive coded visuals