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The idea of journaling has always intrigued me. Lately, I have been finding myself in a place where I have been trying to decode my brain more, reflect on my actions and emotions, and in turn be more in control of them. I decided to take up journaling. But I lose everything, and I knew that if I started to carry around a little notebook, I would misplace it in no time. Not something I would want to do with a little book that had all my personal thoughts and fears in it, so I went to my phone. I was sure that a journaling app existed already, and I stumbled upon Reflectly.  

At first I was intrigued by the app, but after 1 surface level entry, I realized the app hadn't actually caused me to do what it said it would: reflect

Understanding the Users

In order to effectively redesign the app​, I needed to understand the users, and why they would want to use this app in the first place. I created 2 main personas of potential app users. 


The Visual Identity

While the app itself is beautiful, it feels impersonal. The default color palettes feel a little too bright and cold. The app wants people to reflect, and using warm colors, colors that feel more welcoming could help this process feel a little more natural. 

The logo also feels distant. It looks like what the app is: a robot journal. So I decided that changing the logo to feel more personal would help the users feel more connected to the app. 

New Color Palette 

Logo Redesign


The Onboarding Process

The manner in which Reflectly onboards its users currently feels impersonal. The only question that Reflectly asks currently is "What is your name?" before making you sign up for an account. In the account signing process it also does not give you any reason as to why you are making an account. It then immediately prompts you into buying a premium account. 

There is little personalization in the process as it exists right now, with the only facets being a "nickname" and choosing a color scheme. While the color scheme option is nice, it feels unnecessary. The onboarding process should take some more time to understand the user's needs, and the reasons as to why they are journaling, not just create a visually pleasant experience. 

The Current Process


The Updated Process

iPhone 8.png

With the updated process, I wanted to emphasize the importance of establishing the user's goals with the app, and making sure that the content throughout that app is catered towards the user actually obtaining their goals that they have established.

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