Meet & Eat: Yelp's

Branded Experience App Interactions

Environments Studio 4:  Design for Systems

7 Weeks | Fall 2020 


Your client, Yelp, has decided to pursue the pop-up shop model that will be located in urban centers for short periods of time (3–4 weeks) and then moved to other cities around the country. How can you design a hybrid environment to translate Yelp’s brand into a physical space and expand its digital presence? 


This part is a continuation of the physical pop up space designed for Yelp. That part of the project can be found here. This experience works to expand the experience of the visitors past the physical shop through utilizing the Yelp app.  My full process for the project is documented here.


Wireframing, UI/UX Design, Poster Design & Digital Mockups

Leaving a Review

At the back of the large tank in the space, the user can input one of their own reviews into the space. The large screen prompts the user to scan a QR code which takes them to the Yelp app. 

Wireframing & Sketches

Concept Video

Post-Experience App Interaction

The QR code on the visitor's customized review card will take them to an interaction in the Yelp app. If the visitor is not already a Yelp user, then they will be taken through an onboarding process. They are prompted to write a review for the restaurant they were recommended and connect with the original reviewer. 

Wireframing & Sketches

Concept Video