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Experience Design

Bespoke Rituals

Senior Studio 

14 Weeks | Fall 2021


Due to the concern of preservation, patrons of the museum are not allowed to see the active role people play when interacting with the artifacts, removing their utility, enjoyment, and purpose. We believe what makes objects extraordinary is our relationships with them and how they facilitate our relationships with other people. How might we create an experience that allows visitors to reflect on their own lived experiences and think about their own objects in new ways?

  • Adobe Illustrator 

  • Rhino 

Skills: ​
  • Physical Prototyping

  • 3D Modeling

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Experience Design 

  • User Research

  • Annalisa Pao 

  • Caroline Song

My Role: ​Experience Designer

The Outcome

"Bespoke Rituals" is an immersive storytelling experience that presents people's stories of "handmade" rituals that showcase the importance of an object in facilitating a daily meaningful activity for the relationship of that person with others. The experience also prompts people to consider incorporating rituals into their daily routines with objects today.

Concept Video
Experience in Context 

Bespoke Rituals was constructed within the Carnegie Library for the final Senior Show. The experience was framed with the concept video and a detailed process book to explain how we designed this experience. The user first interacts with a poster that explains what rituals are. They are then prompted to enter the experience where they are told the story of one of the rituals. As they leave, they are prompted with the question - "What parts of your routine could use a ritual?" 

The Process

Our full process is documented in this process book that explains our journey through this project throughout ideation, research, development, prototyping, and construction. 


Focusing on Objects & Coffee

Pivoting to Overall Rituals & Development

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