About Me

I am an environments designer interested in creating long lasting, meaningful interactions for people. I believe that whenever we create, we need to be cognizant of the space in which we are creating, in terms of cultures, norms, and expectations.


I enjoy the process of thinking through complex problems and creating interventions that work at different scales, facilitating systemic change. I believe in the power of good design to create positive social, economic, and environmental changes that will ultimately lead to more sustainable future societies.

I also dedicate some of my time to pursuing my passion of music, as I am a part of CMU Saans, an all-female South Asian a cappella group. Being a part of this team gives me opportunities to travel the country participating in national competitions. 

Currently, I am a rising Junior in Environments Design at Carnegie Mellon School of Design with an additional minor in Environmental and Sustainability studies.


Feel free to reach out @ mbansal@andrew.cmu.edu! 

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